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Dennis McCarthy may be the only researcher to have
published papers in the leading journals of such disparate
disciplines as geophysics, biogeography, and English
literature.  In a 2007 paper in
The Journal of Geophysical
McCarthy generated widespread acclaim when he
became the first researcher to provide the correct explanation
for the lopsided ocean-continent distribution of the Earth.  
Specifically, the paper explained why the Southern Hemisphere
is so oceanic while the Northern Hemisphere is crowded with
continental crust.
 This became the subject of a number of
news reports throughout the world, and
Der Spiegel,  the
largest news magazine in Europe, devoted
a large article (
English translation) to this JGR paper. McCarthy's work in
English literature includes a 2009 paper for Oxford's journal of
literary scholarship,
Notes and Queries, in which he became
the first researcher to reveal the long-sought source for
Hamlet's famous "To be or not to be" soliloquy. He has also
recently completed a revolutionary work on Shakespeare,
which will soon be submitted for representation and

McCarthy is currently a research associate at the Buffalo
Museum of Science and is on the editorial board of
Biogeography & Systematics.
Dennis McCarthy / Author Bio
Here Be Dragons
(Oxford University Press)